Fimbulvetr is an alternative nightclub based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Perhaps unique in the UK's alternative music scene, Fimbulvetr's playlist comprises music from the dark ambient, neo-folk, black industrial, noise, neo-classical, glitch, drone and post-rock, amongst others. The aim of Fimbulvetr is to provide a relaxed (yet involving) atmosphere for people to meet friends and listen to new, exciting music.

Fimbulvetr is currently based in Edinburgh University's Cabaret Bar, part of the Pleasance complex although various related nights have used alternate venues. It is also affiliated with Edinburgh University's "Goth and Rock" society (EdG&R).


Fimbulvetr began when Finsternis, a similar club, stopped due to the previous club's owner moving overseas. The small but dedicated crowd demanded that the club continue so the remaining core DJs from Finsternis decided to create something new to appease this demand.

Fimbulvetr's playlist covers all aspects of dark, atmospheric music but no genre is left untouched. It's not uncommon for music as diverse as Billie Holliday, Navicon Torture Technology, Current 93 and Troum to be heard in a single night, sometimes in a single set.

The club is also dedicated to providing guest DJ slots to anyone who wants to play an interesting, atmospheric as well as a continued commitment to providing a venue for live music performances. Over the club's history, under both names, bands such as Deutsch Nepal, Raison D'Etre and Desiderii Marginis have played under Fimbulvetr's banner.

DJs from Fimbulvetr were also asked to provide music for a chill-out room in Edinburgh's Dark City event in 2005. This became the most popular room for a number of attendants who spent the majority of the weekend listening to Fimbulvetr's music.


Fimbulvetr's flyers and other promotional material utilise a melancholy, forlorn aesthetic and often feature monochrome landscapes.


The club's name comes from the period of intense cold heralding the onset of Ragnarok in Norse mythology. Since the club's inception, Edinburgh has experienced its coldest winters for many years.

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