Nimbin is a small village in what is known as the 'Rainbow Region' of northern New South Wales, Australia, approximately 30 km north of Lismore and 43 km southeast of Kyogle, and 70km west of Byron Bay. The area is culturally important to the Bundjalung Aboriginal Australians and has become a haven for Australia's Counterculture in recent decades.

It was a sleepy dairy town until 1973, when the Aquarius Festival, a large gathering of alternative lifestylers or hippies, was held in the town. Many stayed to form intentional communities (of which many remain) and other multiple occupancy properties of various sizes, many based around the Permaculture philosophy. Since then, the area has attracted many writers, artists, musicians, actors, environmentalists, small farmers and others who have to a certain extent left mainstream society.

Nimbin is famed for its murals on the buildings in the main street, executed by artist/activist Benny Zable.

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