Provo was a Dutch counterculture movement in the mid-1960s that focused on provoking violent responses from authorities using non-violent bait. It was preceded by the nozem movement and followed by the hippie movement, though unlike these two movements, Provo was actually founded, on May 25, 1965, by Robert Jasper Grootveld, an anti-smoking activist, and Roel van Duyn, an anarchist. Provo was officially disbanded on May 13, 1967.

Provo gained world prominence through its protests at the royal wedding of Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and Claus von Amsberg.

Its political component won a seat on the city council of Amsterdam, and developed the "White Plans", of which the most famous was the White bicycle plan, which entailed placing white bicycles throughout Amsterdam that could be used for free transportation.

One of the non-violent actions that provoked police violence was the handing out of currants in Amsterdam.

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