Track listing[]

  • 01. Rock 'n' Roll Evacuation
  • 02. Devil Nights
  • 03. Bite Me
  • 04. Jimmy Carter
  • 05. The Usual
  • 06. Dance Epidemic
  • 07. Future Boys
  • 08. Dance-A-thon 2005
  • 09. Dark Angel
  • 10. Vibrator
  • 11. Boy or Girl
  • 12. Room Temperature
  • 13. Radio Gaga
  • 14. Taxi to Nowhere
  • 15. Future is in the Future

Press release[]

Hailing from Detroit, MI, Electric Six quickly made a name for themselves with the hit singles “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage” in the United Kingdom and United States. Their second album, Señor Smoke, was released in early 2005 on Rushmore/Warner in the UK. Garnering much acclaim with the UK press, the band was brought to the attention of Metropolis Records who were interested in broadening the scope of music they released. A deal was quickly inked, and Metropolis is proud to be bringing Electric Six back to their native soil. Señor Smoke blends a mixture of disco, garage, punk, and indie rock with clever (but sincere) tongue in cheek one liners. Electric Six will change the way you perceive rock in 2006.