The sysop vandal point of view is a systemic bias favouring sysop vandalism. The best and most ironic example of this bias is "that Wikipedia has removed the article on Sysop Vandalism (with the note "This page has been deleted, and should not be re-created without a good reason")."

Agreeing with that removal is, effectively, adopting the SVPOV.

It is anathema to counterculture in all forms. The opposite of SVPOV, new troll point of view, has prevailed on most counterculture wikis.

One way to demonstrate that you have abandoned SVPOV and other rationale for official vandalism, is to repost articles on sysop vandalism to Wikipedia and strongly defend them, arguing that a "good reason" is these 500 hits on google. The term clearly spread despite Wikipedia's attempts to suppress and deny that their sysops engage in vandalism.