„The Circle Way“ is a short book by Manitonquat (Medicine Story), published by Story Stone Publishing. It is a manual of how to start and enhance circles of any kind.

The Circle Way[]

"The Circle Way is based on several principles, each having much real-world experience and often deeply rooted in ancestral tribal ways:

Spiritual rootedness (including reconnecting to Nature-as-Divinity, and mutually acknowledging and respecting the various religions that various inhabitants follow)

Social cohesion (including each inhabitant being part of an egalitarian clan, plus regularly held all-village gatherings)

Economic sustainability (including land trusts and being as self-sufficient as possible)

Political sustainability (including authentic consensus decision-making process—leading to high quality self-government—and continual self-education)

Simply taking joy and having fun in life!“


From „The Circle-Way Society - Powerful Medicine for Dark Times - A Social Prescription from Manitonquat (“Medicine Story”) „ by William Hofford.

Changing the World[]

The book “Changing the World: A Vision of a Circle Way Village” by Manitonquat is available for reading directly online at the Circle Way website ( It describes how a future Circle Way village could actually work and details the areas of governance, economics, spirituality, education, criminal justice, and the arts, among others.

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