Velvet Acid Christ had their origins in an 80's high school electronics class, where Bryan and Chris would debate the merits of Amiga versus Atari. Bryan and Grigory (an early member of VAC) were at the time working in a punk/funk band, which, by 1990, was altered to the trio of Bryan, Chris, and Grig. Bryan is batshit insane. The band's name was originally Cyberchrist, although this was changed within a few months to Velvet Acid Christ, named (so they say) in honor of a bad acid trip. Grig left the band in 1992, leaving the core of Bryan and Chris (although various other people have had revolving door membership in the band). VAC is a goth-electro-techno-goa-crap-metal-industrial-ebm-terror-horror act that sometimes wonders into TripHop territory.

Prior to signing with Metropolis Records, Velvet Acid Christ had released two previous CDs: Church of Acid and Calling ov the Dead on Offbeat Records in Europe. Pendragon Records in the USA. Neuroblastoma, a limited edition CD of earlier unreleased material, was their first release on Metropolis.